View Full Version : Couple of questions and a note to the team

08-05-2015, 06:40
Ok Hi guys I don't normally post up on forums of this nature guess I'm just to old lol, but maybe this game will change that.

First of a note to the team, weldone guys, me and my son have waited patiently for project car's for a long time now. We preordered on the xbox store as soon as it was available to do so, bearing in mind I stopped pre ordering driving games a while back because none ever lived up to there promises.

But you guys have done a seriously top job of this game and not just in terms of graphics ect but also interms of motorsport sport, it really feels like a " Racing game " and not merely a driving game.

For me and my lad laying aside the little bugs which are no way stopping us from enjoying this title this is the game for us and meets our expectations, I really can't see this being surpassed for us.

So to the whole development team Inc the supporter's who have helped in making this game what it is now I say thankyou and I truly hope you have massive success.

Ok only a couple of questions, on the xbox one how do I find the friends leader boards?

We live just behind Brandshatch and me and my son are very competitive and are itching to hot lap the track in various cars knocking each other offthe top of our and our friends boards :rolleyes:

The other question is ingame it says if you have any tuning questions your to ask your engineer but how do you do that?

Once again thankyou for a top Racing game enjoy guys.