View Full Version : Make your own classes possible ?

08-05-2015, 10:31
Hi, I like the game a lot (especially the touring cars). At the moment you have the option to choose identical cars, same class, or all classes.

I do like the first 2 options, but the last one is a bit ridiculous: eg. an aston martin racing against a ford escort or a kart :)

Is there a possibility to choose what cars you want to race against (like in assetto corsa) ?
This way it would be possible to create actual world endurance cup races.

Hope this is possible,
Anyway: Love the game (been racing it since a couple of years now)

Max Kelly
08-05-2015, 12:17
in future

19-06-2015, 16:26
Will this feature also reach the consoles?

24-06-2015, 06:43
For example:

Putting together the following cars as they have nearly the same lap records on all tracks.

Aston Martin GT4
Ginetta GT4
McLaren 12C
Ruf RGT-8

I want be able to create these custom class and let players choose from this selection of cars in my online lobby.
This feature was superb in GTR2 to create balanced racing classes.

Will this be possible in the future?