View Full Version : Issues during Racing.

Le Fix
08-05-2015, 11:04
I've just completed a 6 lap race on De La Sarthe and I encountered a couple of issues.

Car: BMW Z4 GT3
Course: De La Sarthe
Weather: Clear during the whole race(30x)
Time: 15:00 (60x)

It started out quite well! But then:

1a. Blue flags for no obvious reason.
1b. No waved yellows.
1c. Slow moving cars (punctures/whatever reason) on the race line, even on straights.
1d. In the beginning and during night opponents would drive around the track at 20 kph in clear weather?! Which ofcourse made me finish 1st, even though the race had 2 Pagani Zondas.
1e. Cars stuck in gravel and not removed. Please remove the car(s) after a couple of laps to make it a dynamic race/track.

This was one race. I've also encountered:

2a. Ability to see light reflection in asphalt from track into pits (through pit wall).
2b. Setup issues (the cars setup would not be saved during practice, qualifying, race).

- Ability to decide how many cars should be racing in certain classes (pre-race ofcouse, just as conditions). To create a real "Le Mans"/WEC feel.
- Another suggestion out of race context - make achievements available in-game, just like accolades.

Otherwise it's a great game with a great atmospheric feel to it