View Full Version : fix cockpit cam to dash

08-05-2015, 11:39

I wonder if someone can help me out. I want to fix the cockpit camera completely to the dashboard of the car. Especially the vertical movement drives me crazy, meaning the camera staying level with the horizon when driving over bumps, hills (Eau Rouge!). It dampens the perception of what the car is actually doing. We used to be able to fix the camera completely in earlier builds and I would like to see this back in pcars. We have a ton of fine tuning options for FFB and it's obvious we should have them for cameras and views as well.


08-05-2015, 11:47
Set World Movement to 100 in the camera options.

08-05-2015, 18:38
Thank you! I sensed that this is the slider I was looking for but the name was sort of misleading.

09-05-2015, 00:25
how disable like lock onboard camera to horizon.