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08-05-2015, 11:56
Who can recommend which settings should be changed to optimize the wheel utilisation?
It's about the T300RS for PS4.

And: The calibration of the wheel seems a bit strange to me.
First, I turn the wheel completely around (to the right, clockwise). Do I have to turn it back to standard position in step 1, before going to step 2?
And in step 2: Why is the value not 900, when turning the wheel from the standard position to 90? Does it matter if I turn it to +90 (clockwise) or -90 (counterclockwise)?

I hope my request is not confusing,

Thank you for the help and kind regards

11-05-2015, 06:28
Firstly set the wheel rotation to 900 degrees. {on the steering wheel itself} This is done by pressing the dpad button left or right and pressing the mode button once. the mode light will flash.1 Flash - 270 degrees.2 Flashes - 360 degrees.3 flashes - 540 degrees.4 flashes - 900 degrees.5 flashes - 1080 degrees.

So it needs to flash 4 times. Then the wheel is set to 900 degrees.

Then go to the wheel calibration page in the game. Start Calibration. Rotate the wheel all the way anticlockwise till it stops, then press next.

{this next bit is what I and most people have been doing wrong as the directions on screen are not clear or accurate}

Then rotate the wheel clockwise till it reads 900 degrees exactly. then press next.

Hopefully it should then match the cockpit view and be easy to drive.

01-11-2015, 20:55
This above works great for the t150. Thank you so much