View Full Version : What's the best set-up for a new player?

Nukeproof Mega
08-05-2015, 12:03
Wondered if anyone can offer advice on the best set-up?

Max Kelly
08-05-2015, 12:20
For what?

08-05-2015, 12:21
Are you talking about car setups? Most of the default car setups are on the safe side for novices.

If you find those a little to wild you might wish to switch on TC and ABS and get used to the car/track.


Nukeproof Mega
08-05-2015, 12:39
For what?

Sorry should have clarified, As a console gamer I am referring to the controller set up and also the best balence for handling and grip.. I haven't actually played the game but it's at home waiting for me to finish work and I will be jumping on it as soon as I get in..

So I would like to set it up right from the get-go..