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08-05-2015, 12:09
I seem to have an issue where the selection highlight will scroll to the very top of whatever table on any of the menu screens, and at times it ascends and descends from the available selections of the table I am in.

For example, I just tried to start a Career. It let me enter my forename, but when I clicked on Surname, it kept scrolling through all of the selections available from nationality to forename and back again. I have had this issue since the get go. Sometimes I can restart the game and not encounter the issue until after a race, but at this point it is annoying. Another example if on the main screen, I try to click on Free Practice, and it keeps bouncing to Car Selection.

I have replaced batteries in both the wireless keyboard and mouse. I have disconnected my wheel to see if that was the issue. No dice.

Is there any help?

I have a AMD 6300 Six Core with 8 GB of RAM with an 2 GB AMD R7 200 graphic card on Win7.

This is the only issue I have come across.

Morgan Henstridge
08-05-2015, 12:16
Hi Jkelloggjr, are there any other "input" peripherals connected to the PC when this is happening??

Other things to try, just as a process of elimination, would be to disconnect the Keyboard and Mouse 1 at a time, and navigate around the Menus with just 1 of them at a time and see if you can narrow it down to one of those in particular.

08-05-2015, 12:21
It seems to be my black Logitech MOMO which isn't FFB. I disconnected the power thinking that would be enough to cut the input, but after disconnecting the USB plug from the computer it seemed to cure the problem. I plugged the power supply back into the wheel along with the USB cord into the tower and it isn't doing it anymore. Weird. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your help. I had to go into controls and manually set the brake assignment before it would recognize it on the configuration menu, so maybe my wheel is crapping out. It is almost 10 years old with not much use since NR2K3 died. I have only done 2 or 3 months on iRacing since 2007.

Morgan Henstridge
08-05-2015, 12:25
The Black Momo was an Epic wheel. Fond memories here as well :)

I know some logitech wheels (G27, etc) will still be detected and operate just on the USB connection as a very basic wheel. Just need the power for the Force Feedback and any LEDs etc.

At least you know what it is now, thanks for letting us know in case anyone else gets the same thing. :)

08-05-2015, 12:45
For whatever reason, the brake axis was only going to 93%, but after getting it to 100% the problem was resolved. Hope this helps others.