View Full Version : Redeemed Limited edition code, but no Limited edition cars in garage

08-05-2015, 13:18
Hi there,
That's my problem. I redeemed the Limited edition code in the Psn playstation network site (on my PC, using my browser as I always do). Then, on my PS4, in the game library, I downloaded and installed a dlc called Limited edition upgrade. But when I launch Project cars I can't find any Limited edition cars anywhere. In my garage there is the first monthly free car, but no Sauber, no Bmw m1, McLaren F1 and so on.
any help?
Thank you

Siberian Tiger
08-05-2015, 13:30
Make sure the DLC ist completely downloaded AND installed.... Sometimes it Need some "short" Time until they Shows up.

08-05-2015, 16:54
Thank you.

Originally I did this:

Insert Project cars blu ray in my PS4
Downloaded day one patch
Play the game
Downloaded and installed first monthly free car and liverees
Redeemed Limited edition PS4 code using Psn account PC website
Downloaded and installed Limited edition upgrade dlc forma my PS4 game library

Then, I could not find Limited edition cars in my garage.

I solve my problem this way:
Turn off PS4
Turn on Ps4
Delete game installation from Ps4
Delete game save data from Ps4
Reboot PS4
Insert game disc
Downloaded and installed day one patch
Downloaded and installed Limited edition upgrade
Play the game

Now Limited edition cars are in my garage.

Hope can help

08-05-2015, 16:57
Before I tried ti simply unistall and reinstall the game, turn off turn on PS4, reinstall the Limited edition upgrade but it does not work.
I think it was deleting save data that did the magic in my case.