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08-05-2015, 13:53
Hello to every body,

is possible change the default skin for the IA Cars? i change the skin of Formula A in the player car for this http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mp4-30-skin-v1-0-formula-a.5518/ and works fine!

thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

Fernando Pedace
08-05-2015, 14:21
No :(

We have only 1 slot for custom livery and default liveries cannot be changed/overwritten.

So, no series carpack/carset.

Only if AI uses the custom livery (what is rare) u will see them with a different skin (and if the downloaded file has a <car>_LIVERY_AI.DDS - what is rare too).

08-05-2015, 14:49
It's a shame,
it might be interesting to change the skins of default IA cars, fans could make championships based on reality ...
that if unlicensed .... but being a fan nonprofit, would be fun
We hope you leave change soon


09-05-2015, 14:31
There's no way to actually CHOOSE my livery. Why not???

09-05-2015, 19:40
There's no way to actually CHOOSE my livery. Why not???

Yes, you can choose your own livery in "My Garage." You cannot, however choose what AI actually drive out on the track (so far).

27-07-2015, 07:40
It would be nice to make a Project Cars movie on youtube with AI police cars chasing you, but that is just a thought.