View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Slow-Motion when using the brake

08-05-2015, 14:00

i just bought the game on steam so this might not even be a big issue but in any mode iīm playing in there occurs to be some kind of slow motion when hitting the brake or exiting the road. Immediately after releasing the brake i fast forward.
I really canīt handle playing like this but i couldnīt find an option to disable this. I tried to put the settings on lowest possible, disabled every driving assist and searched the internet. Strangelly every gameplay video of project cars doesnīt have this issue. Please help me :D

08-05-2015, 14:14
Hi I just registered to help you out.
I also had this bug/problem. I fixed it by turning down "Force Feedback" setting to 0%. Hopefully this works for you to :-)

08-05-2015, 18:21
Thank you so much :D Finally i can start enjoying this game.

Aldo Zampatti
08-05-2015, 18:25
Please refer to here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22375-Technical-TroubleShooting-Steps-WIP-NO-CHAT-PLEASE :)