View Full Version : Excessive fishtailing (FFB issue?)

08-05-2015, 14:02
I have noticed excessive amounts of fishtailing/snaking/whatever you want to call it in the PC version with a Logitech DFGT wheel. Basically when I oversteer (like coming out of a corner) and try to catch the slide, the moment my tires gain grip I lose central FFB and end up with wheel oscillation/fishtailing. I have driven other simulators so I reckon I'm capable of driving in a straight line after coming out of a corner but this game sometimes makes it feel impossible (especially when it's raining!). I almost feel like the game was artificially trying to slow me down, it's very irritating :(

I have tried fiddling with the FFB settings to get rid of this but so far nothing has worked. Any ideas? Anyone here with similar experiences? Or perhaps I'm just a noob who needs to git gud? I must however repeat myself and say I dont have the same problem on other simulators when driving through corners aggressively and catching slides. Thanks in advance.

08-05-2015, 14:12
I do not use your wheel so can only comment on the behaviour of wheels I have access to, those are the T500 with the Ferrari GTE wheel and a G27. I have not noticed anything unnatural in the way the cars behave, if I slide, they behave as I would expect. What car are you driving, some of the cars with higher torque and especially with overheating rain tyres will be a nightmare if you lose the backend, you are going to have a very hard time getting them back if you lose it.

Further, are you using the default set-ups, or have you changed settings such as toe, camber or swaybar, these can have a dramatic impact on vehicle handling in corners and maintaining stability?

Finally, there is advice in the forums on FFB adjustments, and one setting in particular is very good at removing the FFB deadzone about the wheels midpoint on gear driven wheels, that being "deadzone removal range" While very useful, when this is set too high it can induce oscillations in the wheel.

08-05-2015, 14:12
Saving a race car from a slide is very difficult. It's incredibly easy to over correct and get into a tankslapper situation. This happens even to the best professionals. Expecting to drive out of every slide isn't a good way to go into it, it's better to not slide. Especially if the car isn't set up for it or the tires are worn.

I doubt it's a problem with the game. Project Cars worked great on my DFGT before my DFGT died ^^; But if you want, you could post a video of it happening and maybe people can help you adjust your settings or driving style.

08-05-2015, 14:36
I've been further tinkering with the FFB, seems to be a bit better now on dry (cathing most of my slides and only getting the FFB loss/wheel oscillation rarely), gonna test rain soon. The car I've been driving is Caterham 500 superlight or whatever it was called, so not a twitchy racing car. I havent touched toe angles or anything of that sort and the car seems to have zero toe by default so that shouldnt cause any twitchiness.

I will report back later and if I get rid of the problem I'll post my settings itt.