View Full Version : The Asian Console player comment about pCARS game pad setting.

08-05-2015, 14:47
I need explain some culture issue. Owning Game Steering Wheel is " luxury item", also not much place set up the wheels.
Quote From GAForum (Hong Kong)

" I try on PS4 with Dual Shock 4 without any tweak to run Free run
While Exit the pit turning first corner, I have a familiar feeling, simply "really did by the NFS:Shift crew.

Go to option page to tweak up, first thing disappointed adjusting set up, were every change need quit=>load=>back=>home page=> a lot of L1 and R1 page switching => set'em up and back again => Entry the race => Load again.
Really not user friendly

Default Game pad mode 3 basically impossible to deal with this, everything are go too extreme.
mode1 better a bit, but response on straight are too sensitive, habit this could Okay.
mode2 the best, just fine tune some setting is happy to deal with it.

Another thing disappointed, since NFS:Shift, game pad default setting not fine tune well.
If 100% PC game not suppose you use game pad was okay, since a lot of game pad and Steering wheel on market is unable fine tune all.

On Console, Game pad setting perform never acceptable (Since NFS:Shift), Game pad is official input device, the one and only one firm all player own game pad but not fine tune well.
I understand we could adjust it, but the first impression were damage, and think did your crew put really focus on Console Platform?
I no idea Forza side, but I firm GT not much people confuse with Game pad.

Even I using Dual Shock 3 (Simulation as XB360 game pad) to play other PC Simulation , setting in default not really worse so much."

Hope studio reading that.

Henrique Clausing
08-05-2015, 15:56
I think it's all about driving style.

I'm driving with a x360 Controller on PC, and very happy with mode 2.

The unique changes that I have made: Lowered force feedback (vibrating a lot!) and Steering Deadzone (my controler analog sticks are very old).