View Full Version : New to Project Cars , some help needed ....

08-05-2015, 18:13
Can someone tell me how you get the "modified car pack" , I registered the code but can`t find a link to download it ....

Also I can`t get my motion rig to work with Pcars , even though I select Pcars in the motion software , its works ok in other games , any ideas fellas ?


Umer Ahmad
08-05-2015, 18:25
For motion rig you may need to first enable "SHARED MEMORY" so the game will output the correct signals for your software. I believe its in the GAMEPLAY menu

08-05-2015, 18:35
Ah , many thanks for that I`ll try it later , do you know anything about the prob re finding and downloading the modified car pack ?

Cheers .....

14-05-2015, 11:21
If your on the 'Xbox One' and are looking for the extra car packs, Start game and when the game has started click on Store in the game menu and it will take you to the store where you can download them. Or you can go to the 'Microsoft Store Front' look for the game, when you find it click on the 'Add-on's' where you will find all the extra packs available.

Hope this helps