View Full Version : looking for mature and respectful racers ps4, xbox one,p.c.

08-05-2015, 18:36
Looking for friendly competition with mature and respectful racers (17+) then head over to vicegamers.com where racers of all abilities are welcome to join our growing gameing community and help build our project cars division on all platforms with

Weekly and monthly racing championships
Cross platform time trials
Racing ladder
Clan vs clan series and championships

All starting in June
And plenty of friendly racing in between

So head over to http://www.vicegamers.com/forums/ and introduce yourself

11-05-2015, 23:17

11-05-2015, 23:26
Even if you're hosting you're own series you're welcome to join us for over @ http://southcentralgamers.wix.com/sctr