View Full Version : (help)t cam camera mod? wasd buttons are inactive?

08-05-2015, 19:15
i want to set up a good t cam position but only view angle is active, seat position buttons(WASD: up down front and back) are inactive? does anyone know a solution for this issue?

Roger Lee
08-05-2015, 20:48
Are you in cockpit view? You can also use CTRL-K to put you in a free cam view and move it anywhere you want. Just be aware it does have it's side effects from time to time and may require a restart if it goes haywire.

It's an unsupported feature, but works good most of the time.

08-05-2015, 21:08
I couldn't get a free cam view to work when I tried, but wasd is up down, left and right, not front and back ... front and back I could only change in the camera settings in the general options. For my 3 screen setup, 130 seemed about right in that I could then see just enough of the dashboard to see the speed and rpms and such. But I would like the center view to be a bit wider in 3 screen mode.

08-05-2015, 21:14
In Ctrl+K mode there is definitely unlimited front/back adjustment.

Numpad 2: increase pitch
Numpad 3: switch lights on/off
Numpad 8: decrease pitch
Numpad 4: increase yaw
Numpad 6: decrease yaw
Numpad 7: increase radius
Numpad 9: decrease radius
Numpad 1: increase roll
Numpad 3: decrease roll
Numpad -: increase FOV
Numpad +: decrease FOV
D: forward
A: backward
W: up
S: down
Q: left
E: right
SHIFT key in combination with any of the above: slow down camera movement
Numpad 5: reset to original settings for current camera

27-05-2015, 18:39
In Ctrl+K mode there is definitely unlimited front/back adjustment.

Absolutely not true.
There is always a XYZ limit. (helmet cam at least)