View Full Version : Tire Temps BMW Z4 GT3

08-05-2015, 20:15
No matter what camber settings are made the RF and LR basically show flat temps from inside/center/outside, even when under extreme load in turns to the left. On right turns, one edge of the tire may change 1-degree in temp.

Umer Ahmad
08-05-2015, 20:49
Which tyre compound? Did you alter the car setup at all?

08-05-2015, 22:02
Default setup. The LF and RR all register tire temps across the surface like they should. The only thing I changed was major swings in camber to see if there was a difference. Either end of the scale for the RF & LR in camber showed no difference between I/C/O temps, they were flat. I tried a few other cars and their tire temps should normal temp variance across all 4 tires.