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08-05-2015, 20:25
To celebrate the release of Project CARS, I did a live stream of the game on my Twitch.tv Channel. For those who missed it, the video is now available on YouTube. In the video, I take a look at the Career mode, as well as do a couple single races to take a look at some of the features in Project CARS. The video is over an hour and a half, so I recommend a good bag of popcorn.


I will say that Project CARS, in my opinion does beat out Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. It’s a more engaging experience, more fleshed out for racing (full race weekends, detailed setups, etc). They even are above titles such as Assetto Corsa, WHEN IT COMES TO SIMULATING A RACE EXPERIENCE (NOT IN TERMS OF PHYSICS).
AI needs work. That’s a fact. They are commonly over-aggressive and will act more like “Bumper Car Simulator: 2015″ than a true racing title. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.
There isn’t true Multi-Class Racing yet: I tried two “Multi-Class” events, looking for a Le Mans style field. If I chose a Prototype, I would always be matched with other Prototypes (See 50:30 in the video). I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty imbalanced matching an Audi R18 against a Radical SR3…
I also tried GT3 in a multi-class event, and I was matched up with Trans-Am, Group 5, Group 4, and GT4 (See the 1 hour mark in the video)
Day to Night is AMAZING in this game. In my preview I had an issue with Le Mans not getting dark, but I’m happy to see it’s fixed. Le Mans at night in the rain… That makes PCARS a horror game xD. It’s a thrill to drive, and it gets the blood pumping.
I still would not say the physics/ffb are of a sim level. They are solid “SimCade”, but not sim. I had some erratic moments in the physics as well, so they do need some work.

08-05-2015, 20:31
Everyone is entitled to an opinion and it seems you've probably got more experience than most so I'd be really interested to understand more about what makes you think the physics are not sim level?

I have followed this development for 3 years and been involved in pretty much every sim since Revs on the BBC micro.

The detail in the tyre model is astounding The chasis, engine and aero models are not far behind.
The fact that the physics run at 600Hz and the sim and real life racing pedigree of the main dev team all scream sim to me.

Edit: Did you see the comments from the factory Aston Martin test driver earlier? His opinion is the Astons are so close to real life it is scary.

I may sound a little fanboyish but that's not true I've voiced plenty of criticism in the WMD process, I am genuinely interested in a qualified, well argued explanation of why you don't think it's at a full sim level.

09-05-2015, 07:31
Edit: Did you see the comments from the factory Aston Martin test driver earlier? His opinion is the Astons are so close to real life it is scary.

Where can that be found?

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Cool, thanks!