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08-05-2015, 21:06
I'm getting no tyres sounds at all whether I'm sliding, spinning the wheels at the start of a race or locking the brakes. Sometimes I think I can just hear something that might be the tyres but it could be my imagination! I've tried fiddling with the different volume controls but it seems to make no difference. I'm getting other sounds - engine, engineer, crowd, when the car bottoms out over bumps etc. Are there more prominent tyre noise or is this normal? Any thoughts much appreciated!

Umer Ahmad
08-05-2015, 21:07
Leave all volumes at MAX (100)

The are no tyre sounds in REPLAYS, this is a known issue. Are you talking about during the race or in replay?

08-05-2015, 21:10
I also get basically no tyre sounds, during racing. The volume is far too low. Often when I slide sideways, I can't hear it at all, same when my tires lock, no sound. It's a big contrast with the good sounds I get for instance when my tires hit curbs.

Umer Ahmad
08-05-2015, 21:12
ok, well that's just what it is right now. Try different cars, try different compounds.

Perhaps later in a later patch the audio can expose some individual sliders for the audio effects.

08-05-2015, 21:20
Thanks - for the quick response. I'm talking about in race. I just tried again with all levels at 100 as you suggested. Driving a Formula C round Silverstone International, I can hear the absolutely faintest sound if I slam on the brakes and slide with all wheels locked but nothing else, not if I spin the wheels doing a start and nothing when cornering.

09-05-2015, 11:27

For me and a friends, same probleme. The sound tires is very light for all cars. No possible to settings this.

Best regards

paul maidens
09-05-2015, 15:53
Same here to. The tyre sound must be very low, I can just about hear it in the go-karts.