View Full Version : sheering issues

08-05-2015, 22:10
i'm at the point of say this game is the worst i have ever played and i have played some bad games in my time.

what i am getting is steering the car round a left hand corner lets say( it has done this in both directions) and you ride the inside kerb, the car will slide to the outside of the corner as you would expect, but when i move the controller stick the opposite directions to counter sheer the game does not register any movement in the opposite direction and sheer fully to the left so you spin or drive round in a circle. never seen anyone like this in my life.

Even if you change the the driver view so tyou can see the sheering wheel it is still going on the opposite direction than the controller and no it is not the controller as i have tried on a brand new one as well.

someone need to get this rubbish sorted and now, the only words that spring to mind as the moment are not fit for purpuse and i have to say that has never crossed my mind in 25+ year of gaming on PC and consoles.:mad:

08-05-2015, 22:14
For now, try setting your deadzone to 0, you can also shortly release the stick instead of keeping your thumb on it while moving it from side to side.
It's a known issue.