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08-05-2015, 22:22

My name is olivier , living in France and i'm ... 39 years old :P
Yeah i know, i'm still playing games ^^ and most of them are car or moto games.
Many people are talking about this game as a car sim, i don't know how devs think about it.
My opinion is : this is far from sim. When i'm talking about sim , i'm thinking about racer, vdrift ... i'm including the lately assetto corsa which is a great car game.
But i still find this game really nice even if some parts are totally dumbs to me.

Here some randoms questions with a big Q and triple ? :

- There was a car game on PS1 : destruction derby.This what online races looks like ! Where are the penaltys ? many people will bump you out of track and you'll crash your car while they'll finish their race ( with one wheel only and a smoking motor )
- You are able to cut curves from far, i think it must be considered as a fault.If you get off of track in grass , you 'll have 5 sec penalty so why none if you are cutting curves ?
- Controls must be a nightmare for developpers , i know , but assetto corsa did it great. Here we have something strange to set, sometimes settings are good for a track/car , maybe 2 then you realize you have to change it ...
- too many "head to tail" while getting out of curves, it drives me crazy while i'm looking for a good setting.
- About online races, i've noticed 2 unbalanced groups , but i don't remember the category: clio vs RS corsworth => no chance for clio ; Nissan oreca 03 vs Marek RP 219D => no chance for nissan
it leads to a point where if you know the better car of the category, you 'll get some advantage and then there is no "skill race".More will come for sure ...

That 's all for now.My final thought : i'm a bit disapointed because i think i've expected too much.While the game looks nice and is most of the time fun, i still prefer riding a ferrari in assetto.
I'm not trying to troll , these are my thoughts. I tried to write an : "objective criticism".

PS: If i was developper and if i had to write a racing game ( a sim ) , i think i'll set the "inside car cam" only.While this cam is my preferred, if you set the cam outside the car ( behind or front near floor ) , you 'll have a better chrono in many games ( this one included ).NFS shift was one i remember that allow to score nicely with outside cam or (inside/helmet) cam.