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08-05-2015, 22:45
I play the single player mode, trying to get from kart to the last race, and so far, every time a practice round, time trial, or race ends, the next selection is almost every time in a different place. Mostly it's on "replay the race", but i had it once that it's default place was exit, and this after a rather troublesome time trial witch i finaly managed to get first, i clicked, and gone was my progres, and back to the main menu. In the next update, it would be great if the default place for the choice of things to do would be "Next race/Next round", and not on "Exit", or "Replay race". And at least keep it on the same place every time a race ends, and not just all over the place.

I also have the same problem that has been discussed before, the oposite lock problem when steering to the right, the car goes to the left (wheels also pointing in the left direction). I know this will be solved, and i changed the dead zone to 40%, and so far, i haven't had this problem anymore.

When i first started the game, where you fill in your sur name, last name, and so on, i saw my first name being copied to my last name, even while i put my last name in it. Result? My name on the game screen is Ronald Ronald. After removing my gamesave, and put in the names again, i noticed that if i put in my last name, and then it changes to Ronald again, i re type my last name, and then it wil be shown properly. Then the nickname had the same problem, it suddenly changed from musicmaniac1965 to my last name, so i had to re type this also. Ok, it's just one time you need to put this in, but it's strange you have to put in the proper names twice before you have the proper result in game.

09-05-2015, 02:33
Came here to see if anyone had reported the same issue with the selected menu option randomly changing after each round in career. Very frustrating, just exited by mistake a minute ago.

Also noticed a similar issue with player creation. The forename\surname\nickname all had a 'y' character already entered. Really weird.

10-05-2015, 00:03
Mine had the y character entered as well. Using tx wheel if that makes a difference

10-05-2015, 01:02
Mine had the y character entered as well. Using tx wheel if that makes a difference

Had the exact same issue myself, again using the TX Wheel on Xbox One. Also the very first time I attempted to enter my name, the white box which previews the text you're entering, didn't appear on screen and although the inputs definitely registered upon clicking done, they didn't appear in the magenta-coloured section on the left side of the screen. This was the case for both First Name and Surname. It did this twice and on the third attempt I was successful.

Also can I ask what is the point in choosing a number, when the number of any car you drive seems dependent on the number painted on the livery of that car? Apologies if this has been mentioned before and is known.