View Full Version : Fanatec GT3RS v2 and CSR Elite pedals

08-05-2015, 23:27
I'm sure i can't be the only one having issues, but haven't seen it posted elsewhere yet.

i'm attempting to calibrate both of the above in game, i am able to calibrate the wheel, but when trying to calibrate pedals, game appears not to recognise them. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Patrik Marek
08-05-2015, 23:29
I believe you have to first map the pedals manually via the button assignments , and once you assign them , you can go to calibration.
I had similar issue before and this was solution

09-05-2015, 00:02
I have the same wheel and pedals. It's like Patrik said. First you have to map your pedals and then you can calibrate them.