View Full Version : WOW, what a privilege to play this Sim

09-05-2015, 00:57
Hello All.

Now that I have had time to get into the gut's of this Sim eg set FFB, set the Wheel and pedals to what suits me, get into the different situation, eg time trial, online/offline and all sorts of other situations what this sim offers, is not just good it's bloody good. The graphic's and the like have been taken to another level

You can tailor-made almost anything to suit BUT my advice if it's not working right for you, try everything that's on offer, there's just so much to help, play and generally keep you extremely interested.

That is not to say other race sims are inferior, I'll always play them. This one however really is grand.

Regards to all,

09-05-2015, 01:00
Happy to hear your enjoying Project Cars!, don't forget to tell all your friends about it.:D

09-05-2015, 01:18
I agree. I've never been able to brake as accurately as in pCARS. Once the Fanatec wheels were dialed in, the FFB is perfect for my tastes. The tire physics are fun as hell, especially with all the spindle adjustments. Great work!