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09-05-2015, 06:41
Hey guys,
I'm using a thrustmaster t500rs
After I managed the calibration and have taken a closer look at the options I found the deadzone.

The standard measure was 3 I guess.
I clicked on the right cursor and it switched to 5 instead of 4
I wanted to go back on 3 but it jumped to 0
Its moving in steps of 5
How can I jump smaller steps like 1 2 3 4 5?
Turning off the wheel and trying to use the controller does not work as I do have the options for controller then.

I hope you know what I mean :)

Kind regards

09-05-2015, 07:09
use your mouse to click it

09-05-2015, 07:12
use your mouse to click it

Assuming he's on PS4 I don't think that's an option. It's a common complaint at the moment that the sliders on console only move by increments of 10. There should be an option to restore settings to defaults, you'll have to re-calibrate the wheel but it should correct the dead zone until the sliders are fixed.

09-05-2015, 07:42
Jap it's on ps4
Don't know of why they did not fix that already... They should be aware of this problem.
Reset worked fine and calibration is working fine also now that I know how to.
St the beginning it was really frustrating but now with 1080
Its awesome :)

Thanks again