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09-05-2015, 07:02
REVS Simracing UK is now Officially Sponsored by ViLayer.com

It's my pleasure to anounce that REVS is now Officially Sponsored by ViLayer.com. With this sponsorship we now have the ability to not only host servers for most racing games like Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and rFactor2, but also access to a huge back cataloge of online games like ARMA3, DayZ and Space Engineers which we can host in most countries around the world!

This deal also expands what REVS can provide for it's members were we can now offer the ability for members to host their own series through us using their own dedicated server which we can provide at a discounted price.

It's a huge deal for REVS, the Simracing Community, and for me personaly, and ViLayer.com are updating their servers & services for new and exciting up-coming games as well as making things easier for Leagues to run their servers using the software Vilayer.com provide.

With this sponsorship we now have new and extremly fast dedicted servers and a new webhost which is why our website is under going a major rebuild.

Here's to a bright and secure future, and with ViLayer.com "REVS Simracing UK" is now Hosting to the World!

Feel free to Join us at REVS - http://www.revs-simracing.co.uk

Our Server / Lobby name = REVS Simracing UK - Powered by ViLayer.com

Who is ViLayer

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