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09-05-2015, 08:39
Hi Guys,

I have only had access for 2 days since release but here is a list of things that would make Silverstone GP perfect. I appreciate this will not be top of the list day one.

1. Elevation change between The Loop and Aintree. In the game the elevation is exaggerated and does not allow you to see the apex of Aintree. In reality you can actually see all the way down the Wellington Straight, even from a very low formula or sports car.

2. There are Red square concrete markers (Approx 750mm square) missing from the inside of Luffield. These are used as power pickup points for many racers and depending on Aero levels depends which one you use.

3. There is a missing main curb from the left hand side braking zone going into Stowe.

4. There are missing Minis Horizontal Sausage curbs on the inside of Copse corner. This is to upset the car if you take too much grass.

5. there is a missing curb on the exit of Chapel on the Hangor straight on the right hand side. Its only small curb but its used as reference and track.

6. There are missing small Red Concrete Squares (approx 500mm) from the inside right of Chapel.

7. The curb on the inside of Stowe starts too late and is too short and narrow.

8. The elevation change into Abbey is slightly exaggerated and doesn't allow you to see the apex properly even as you turn in. Although this is true of the actual track, its slightly too much here.

9. The left hand side curb on the Old Pit straight on the entry to Copse ends too soon. In every car I tun in off that curb and in the game it runs out. In real life being that far out gives you a much better run through copse.

10. Missing curb from the right hand side of the entry into Maggotts. You need this curb to be able to get the turn into the first left of Maggotts.

11. All curbs are too shallow. As in the level changes between the red and white is approx 40-50mm. This is to dissuade you from using some curbs.

I will update this post as I find more. Good game so far. Expect a lot from this in the coming years.


09-05-2015, 09:28
1 and 8 workaround for the meantime - raise the seat position a notch or two perhaps?

09-05-2015, 10:15
1 and 8 workaround for the meantime - raise the seat position a notch or two perhaps?

Yes that would do it, but the thread is really aimed at getting the track perfect. I can drive it will all the above still in place, but it just doesn't feel like 'home' :)

25-05-2015, 12:52
You got to get Abbey right I'm comming round there at 150mph+ in my 98T and its not at full wing yet!!!!! Saying that, the bend is pleasant at that speed from multiple entry points, so maybe it gets revised for the next version. A blinded bend is more fun anyways as long as theres visual markers for the turn in!!!!!!

25-05-2015, 16:04
Camera FOV is very (very) important in getting the elevations to appear correctly. What FOV are you using? After adjusting the FOV, you will then (more than likely) need to adjust you seat position (forward/backward/up/down), to get a good sight-line.

1 and 8 workaround for the meantime - raise the seat position a notch or two perhaps?