View Full Version : Tips for New player trying to learn Steering Wheel Controls

09-05-2015, 09:41
Hello all!

So I have been playing plenty of racing games in the past like Gran Turismo, Shift and plenty of arcade racing games that I can't even remember.
However I've always played these with a gamepad so I kinda wanted to get closer to the real experience, so I bought myself a Driving Force GT (official wheel for Gran Turismo 6 so fairly new edition of the wheel)
A lot of people recommend for a entry level wheel and pretty happy with it at least for now.

So now I am slowly practicing the new controls and manual transmission and though to ask you pros here if you have some tips and tricks.

Like where/how to begin and how to avoid learning stuff/bad habits that can be detrimental for my driving skills.
Doesn't matter how basic or simple the tip is really, since I have literally no experience from driving a car (don't even have a license in IRL)