View Full Version : Casual UK league?

09-05-2015, 09:56
Hello all

I would like to join some sort of vleague set up but cannot always commit to specific days due to my job. This has always proved a bit of a problem in the past when trying to join a racing league as races are mainly scheduled to one or two days per week.

I have played most console racing games and cut my teeth as a weeee nipper on the Microprose Grand Prix games, I try to get to play about 10-15 hours per week but the days and times will differ.

So my question is does anyone want to accept me? :confused:

09-05-2015, 10:02
sounds a lot like what i'm trying to achieve over at http://www.stopdropgaming.com/

check us out and see what you think HERE (http://stopdropgaming.com/Forum/index.php?/forum/184-project-cars-pcxbox-one/) - also looking to put weekly events together Tuesdays at 21:00hrs GMT

09-05-2015, 11:30
I think it might be worth adding that I am on PS4

12-05-2015, 22:38
We race currently only on one day (Friday) but a fantastic community and always up for a laugh online, so might be worth joining in.