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09-05-2015, 10:12
I pre ordered digitally this this awesome game and had no problems playing on the 7th. Last night however I booted the game up, it loads up fine then it goes to the screen where you have to press start. It seems to be trying to connect to Slightly Mad Studios' server but the Project Cars logo just keeps spinning you know when waiting for verification.
I first done a hard reset, still same. As a last resort I uninstalled then re downloaded and installed. Still stuck on start screen.
No problems with my online connection or any other games. Even stranger i went to my freinds house who also owns the game and he can log in no problem. I signed in on my account on his Xbox and it still happens on his Xbox on my account but works on his. It's like Project Cars is refusing to connect my account to their servers. Please help i just want to play the game i've paid for. So frustrating and disappointing.

09-05-2015, 10:14
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09-05-2015, 10:46
Are you using a pad or a wheel? Headset through a pad and using a wheel at the same time? If so this is a simple issue of the wrong controller being used.

09-05-2015, 11:21
It is just not working for my account. Just been to another friends house and signed in. Works for their account as soon as I log in on my account still the same problem. That's three Xbox's all work for on different accounts but mine. It just seems my account is not getting verified by Project Cars. Who can I speak to?

09-05-2015, 12:28
Just pad. No wheel or headset in. Just seems like Project Cars server won't verify my account. Who can I speak to to check my account on Project Cars?

09-05-2015, 12:40
Is there an official from Slightly Mad Studios who can help me or get in touch? This is incredibly frustrating. It's not a problem with my Xbox One as it doesn't work in 3 consoles I've signed in on even though it works on said consoles under different accounts.

17-05-2015, 12:45
I'm having exactly the same problem. Is there any form of solution? I can't seem to find one anywhere.

17-05-2015, 12:52
Think i read somone had this problem before and had to delete there save game, Maybe the save game is getting corrupt?

17-05-2015, 13:21
I've re=installed it twice and deleted my save data and it's still happening.

17-05-2015, 18:54
Don't know if you have solved your issue but I had the same one, I was able to sign in as a guest under my profile and got it to work. Very inconvenient but it works, and my controller issues are fixed now.

18-05-2015, 17:49
That does fix the problem but there must be a way of playing the game on my original profile? It was working fine a few days ago now the only way i can play it is through a guest account?????

18-05-2015, 18:52
Been doing some digging, make sure the console you want to play on is set as your Home Xbox, your allowed to play on others due to the fact that they aren't set as your home one. Your main console appears to have deselected itself for some reason. Just go into Settings and reset it to your Home Xbox.

19-05-2015, 19:57
I've just done that and it still won't move past the start screen.

19-05-2015, 20:35
Im having the exact same problem, so frustrating. I just want to play the game

21-05-2015, 16:21
Im mortified, 60-80 races completed, exactly the same as Matt and MrJonno. Great log in as a guest and it works but have to start from scratch. I've tried changing xbox home settings, controllers, etc, i was mildly miffed when the sound cut out when i braked but having the controller plugged in sorted that out, i can live with it.

Absolute nonsense this after waiting for so long, this is not a winge that the rain is too heavy or the sterring a bit slack CANT GET THE THING TO EVEN START FROM THE MAIN MENU!!!!

SLIGHTLY MAD......................... NO ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS ..........STUDIOS,


21-05-2015, 20:53
I'm having the same issue. Come on guys, surely you have a fix for this.
I've bought all the consoles since the early days and never heard of such a shocking start to a game release. Sort it out.

22-05-2015, 08:52
And the list grows....................................

23-05-2015, 21:58
Ive had the same problem nothing seemed to help then ive removed some games cause my HDD was almost full , deleted the project cars save game again and my local stored games. Restarted project cars again and it worked ��

23-05-2015, 23:20
Same problem here. I've deleted the game and reloaded it but still doesn't work. I want my money back.

24-05-2015, 13:19
A very kind gent got me going again, this worked for me:-
"The profiles are corrupting things so just go to your games and apps and hit start on project cars, and hit manage game. After that go to the right to my saved data and delete it, you should be fine"

No idea why one of the moderators or developers could not just make this clearer. Back to playing Project Cars and it is indeed a superb game with great potential.
The Karts are great fun.

24-05-2015, 21:31
Delete everywhere or just on the console? I've never been this frustrated with a game.

24-05-2015, 22:36
Just had the same problem, tried deleting the local game data but that didn't work, have ended up have to start again after working my up to have just won the GT3 championship...most annoying thing is losing all FFB and car specific savings...ARSE

24-05-2015, 23:24
started having the same issue, hard reset thankfully fixed it for me, funny because just like the sound bug the witcher 3 also has this stuck in please wait bug. Could possibly be a Microsoft bug. might be a good idea to get them to check it out 2.

25-05-2015, 09:15
Deleting the game data ( 5mb) works great, but you need to delete it from everywhere not just the console as it synchronises your data and loads the corrupt files back to the console.
granted you have to start from the beginning but i just carried on in GT 4 where i was up to, input your set up and away you go.

not ideal but after a few races you get back into it,

03-06-2015, 07:28
Having the same issue. Completely infuriating. It would be nice if someone from SMS would comment here! I'd like to know if there's some way to avoid this happening again? Don't really enjoy losing all my data, set ups, settings. Kind of ruins the experience.