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09-05-2015, 10:45
Hey guys!

First of all I'd like to start off by saying I'm already absolutely in love with the game, I've still got a lot of tracks/cars to try but already I've been having an absolute blast! I've been playing on my Thrustmaster TX and the game is superb, after playing for just a day, I can already safely say this is the best console sim available so far, it has absolutely blown Forza out of the water. I did a short LMP class race with variable wet weather at night, and it was insanely intense, I can see many hours disappearing into this game for sure.

However with the game being a fresh release, there will no doubt be some bugs and issues. I've noticed a few problems/bugs that I thought are worth bringing up, in the hope of bringing to WMD's attention and getting them sorted. To keep things short and concise, I'll arrange them in a list:

Audio bugs, FMOD is known for being a bit iffy at times with audio quality, but I've noticed a lot of clipping/cutting out in many cars, especially when shifting gears, ambient sounds often cut out, passing cars audio will suddenly pop in, then out as they go by in the pits, rather than gradually fading in and out. There's also a strange beeping(?) noise when you hit the rev limiter in the Ariel Atom 300 with the supercharger, it's hard to explain but bounce it off of the limiter and you'll hear it.
I've noticed the framerate drop considerably many times whilst playing, this can be quite annoying, though it hasn't entirely broken the experience for me.
Whilst I play with my Thrustmaster TX, every single one of my friends playing with a controller have said that the game is unplayable on a controller, with hours spent trying to rectify their feel to no avail. This is a shame as I'm not able to play with my friends yet. (Has anybody figured out the controller settings yet?)
There's no obvious way to select a livery in the game when selecting your car. If you go into the garage you can change it in there, but then the game seems to completely disregard your choice and give you a random livery every single time - whilst not game breaking, this is pretty damn annoying.
In setting up my car, I noticed tyre pressures are in Bar, an option to change this to PSI would be really nice, but I haven't been able to find anything yet.
Whilst I absolutely love how practise sessions allow people to jump in and out as they please, it would be really nice if there was an option to return to the lobby to change your car, as so far the only way for people to do this is to leave the game altogether, then rejoin. This also means that the host cannot change their car at all.
NOT A BUG I'd love to see more regular cars be added to the game in the future, especially for some mad sideways action in the wet, cars like Silvias, GT86s, AE86s, along with just about any other decent road going car.

That's about it from me, and now to go hoon an RS1600 around in the wet!