View Full Version : Xbox controller manual with clutch

piston broke
09-05-2015, 10:46
Just wondering if it is possible to setup the controller for manual with clutch configuration ?
I get an error" not all controls are assigned" but i am not sure whats missing. Has anyone else managed to set it up?

09-05-2015, 14:24
I managed to assign a separate clutch button initially but preferred to use the automatic clutch in the end, I couldn't do it smoothly enough with the controller, maybe with a bit of practice it would be better in time.

That error you're getting, I just re-assigned different button to the affected empty field.

PS. Found further info on this elsewhere via support guys I think..have copied it over, as below..

Two things.

One workaround is to press the Menu (start) button and go down to "Options and Help" that takes you back to the previous menu and should save your settings.

Alternatively apparently you need to map at least Handbrake and KERS. Possibly even Look Back.