View Full Version : any chance of formula rookie getting "historical" tires?

09-05-2015, 12:37
idk if the car this is based on (which i gather is formula ford?) has these nice slicks or not but i was really hoping this car would be a little...crappier, basically. like the formula vee in SCE or a skip barber type. its def not like a skip barber, which is fine, but in terms of just driving, i really find the car boring.

i think a big problem is the tires, maybe theyre realistic, & i do get that as-is this car is a better way to break ppl in to open wheel RACING, but i do find the driving aspect is lacking compared to what id hoped to get.

i know that despite their idiosyncracies (really imo, because of) the SB & f vee get a lot of love in the sim community. i love racing the vee in sce because its constantly on edge. the skip barber i view as more of a wrist-slapper kind of car, not so much emphasis on fun. i think this car could be a fair bit more similar to the former.

as far as authenticity is concerned, this from the wikipedia --

"Series' rules may permit slick or treaded tyres, generally supplied either by Dunlop or Avon."

and just a quick google of one of those suppliers


i realize its significantly faster than the vee or SB but since i doubt a car below this one is going to be added, i would personally love to see this option given to us.