View Full Version : In-game steering wheel?

09-05-2015, 12:59
Hello guys!

Just got this game and I am new to this forum, so don't hate if this is posted in the wrong folder or something :)

The question is:

In my other racing sims I have the option to remove the in-game steering wheel.
I do use an logitech G27 and I have no need to have the in-game wheel animating what I do.
Freeing this from the dash will also let me have a better view of everything else like gauges and so on.

So, is there a way?


Morgan Henstridge
09-05-2015, 13:04
Hi Hvar89, There is a setting in the options, like "show driver / wheel".

I'm not sure exactly what screen it is in, but it is definitely there, as i have it off myself :)

09-05-2015, 13:18
I think I have searched at least an hour in the menus and on the internet, and if I can blame anything it will be my lack of experience in the menus x)
But thanks man, I finally found it! :D

I will go cry a little now...