View Full Version : Small Issues

09-05-2015, 14:06
Firstly hello everyone, thought i'd post a couple of issues I've noticed why playing over the first couple of days:

1. Audio cuts in and out occasionally on braking/acceleration or near another car.

2. Thrustmaster TX cant reassign some buttons, e.g. DRS due to some mandatory buttons, of which handbrake seems to be one of. Should not be mandatory. As a result cannot use DRS in a race, or really reassign any buttons to where I want them.

3. In the second race of two, on the start line the gear number states the last gear that I was in on the straight finishing race 1. Confuses you if your not paying attention.

4. In replay tyres show grass or gravel on tyres if racing on the track as if you were in the gravel when you viewed the replay.

5. Crash simulation is a bit off, doesn't seem realistic.

And one last question as I don't know whether this in the game, does the game simulate rubber build up on the track, as I don't seem to be experiencing changes of grip between a green track and potentially rubbered in one.