View Full Version : Career...REALLY?

09-05-2015, 14:07
So I started my career with the Renault Clio Cup cars (TC1) to work my way up to GT3 class. Everything was well, all the races were on tracks in the UK and it was fun. Then I was offered to race in Classic Touring cars (TC2) at the end of the season. There were no other races available and I couldn't skip the events so I raced them. The cars weren't my cup of tea and I drove on the same UK tracks again but I thought next season I can race GT5. And then I was eventually offered the GT5 contract just to see that the races will be on the same UK race tracks...AGAIN! REALLY!? There are more than 30 tracks in this game and I get to see the same 5 tracks over and over? Really poor design...

09-05-2015, 16:16
I haven't played that particular tier, but you should probably know, that you can sometimes take different paths in your calendar.
Example: start a new career, open the calendar, jump to today, you sometimes get more than one competition to enter by using the scroll arrow to the right.
Ive overlooked it myself the first time:).