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PJ Dunham
09-05-2015, 14:31
Hi Guys

Im loving PCars to a large degree having issues but that's mostly AMD issue hope they will fix.

Anyway is it just me or is there NO on screen comfirmation when you make adjustments to Brake bias, Roll Bars or even flicking TC on or off??

Also in Career the Flow is very badly thought out, I did Shifter Karts all good won that but the amount of "extra invites races" and championships are a bit of a joke. I signed on to do Superkarts season 2 and ive now done 2 months of other all sorts of cars and still no Superkart races. I know it says you can skip those as not nessasery for season path but looks like to get all ingame Achevments you have too. what I don't understand but game planners is thinking in Career mindset is I win K1 title Yay me early season 2 im now racing 1986 Lotus 98T F1... before I get into a superkart now does that seem stupid???

Makes me wonder why the title was even delayed for so long and what they were thinking when planning the Career aspect of the game, for journey men like myself I use a Thrustmaster TX and I like different setups and use different Rims for all types of cars and with this patchy Career mode honestly it sucks...
No wonder there was PCars2 rumors from release day because clearly PCars is unfinished and Career mode poorly planned.

Gripe over, Please fix OSD to show car adjustments made on the Fly, and btw since update pit radio doesn't talk to me anymore


09-05-2015, 15:14
I believe there is confirmation for brake bias, TC (when you make changes whilst racing) on the MOTEC display, bind a key (if you haven't got one already) to changing your MOTEC display page. Tons of information in there.