View Full Version : Positives & Negative feedback for online play

09-05-2015, 14:50
First off, great job guys, when I'm actually racing, the game delivers.

Great game first off, really enjoying playing it and that's the main thing, certainly will be sticking with it, as it feels like a game if you put the time and effort in to learning how each car drives it'll reward you, after all motor racing isnt supposed to be easy.
The driving feels really realistic and exciting, having to tippy toe around until your tires warm up, love it.
Graphics are good, there certain in car views that look so realistic
Sound is so so good.
A lot of options to set up races
Having to qualify before a race is fun
Great choice of tracks / car types
Feels like a serious car lovers game

But now the negatives, please note this is only based on my online experience in the games current status:
Getting a race on-line is a complete nightmare I'm afraid (so far), have spend double the time than actually playing to try to get a race.
And when I do get into a lobby, hosts arent starting the races, even with a full lobby, is happening a lot
In one lobby, I told everyone to vote to kick the host, see if that works, so we could get a new host, disapointingly it didn't work.
No timer on lobbies, to force host into starting a game
No ability to black mark bad hosts who don't start games - currently their ruining the experience or having their lunch or possibly gone to bed
Searching for games seems hit and miss, can often end up with joining game screen and nothing happens
Have had the odd screen glitch online, can be tricky on corners
Have had the game mid way through a 10 lap race, had to restart my xbox.

Obviously, you can't stop idiots who ruin the game, by setting up matches and not starting games, but some saftey precautions to help this in future would be great if possible. Timed lobbies once they get to a certain about of racers, say 6 or 8.

One personal request: A little extra smoke from car tyres, love that in racing games, doubt that's possible to add later down the line but just a suggestion.

Thanks, really do love it though, just the online experience needs to improve, because it the online side that will keep me coming back to the game.