View Full Version : First BSOD , now minimises & just hangs on forever STEAM VERSION

09-05-2015, 14:54
Hello all,

hope someone can help, got this game just before launch night, I still havent managed to get it up & running. :(
My laptop is;

alienware m17xr2 win7 64bit sp1 with a core i7 620m processor2.6ghz-3.3ghz, 8gb ram and ati mobility radeon hd4870x2 graphics.

First gave me the BSOD with a memory dump message and atikmpag.sys file error..read several threads here and followed similar issues by updating all the drivers.
Now the BOSD doesnt comeup however with i click the game icon just like before goes up to the intro screen with SMS & WMD logos then minimises and stays there tilll i kill of the task.

was a nightmare downloading it twice as i had paused and it restarted almost right from the begininng. So just really desperate to get on to seeing the game.

Thank you all in advance

no logitech profiler installed so can rule that out too.

Morgan Henstridge
09-05-2015, 15:06
Hi, Is there anything being logged in the Windows Event Viewer under "Applications" or "System" from when the game minimises until you kill it??

Also, with the 4870x2, are you able to turn off the "crossfire" and try just on a single "card"??? I'm not familiar with ATI hardare.