View Full Version : options & help menu issues

09-05-2015, 16:08
Anyone else having issues with the options & help menu ?

When navigating through the options, controls, visuals, camera, etc the menu hangs when saving (even if no changes have been made).

Work around is to go to XB1 home page, this appears to force the menu to jumps back to the options & help menu.

Not a game changer, just weird.


09-05-2015, 16:15
Also happens when deleting career saves

Siberian Tiger
09-05-2015, 16:20
Well, i think this comes because the XBox One needs to Access to the HDD and write/read the Files...

I don't have an Xbox One so i can't comment more...

09-05-2015, 16:24
It is just saving, it take some times in some option menu, even if you don't change anything! Look at the logo at the bottom-right, it's not clearly visible the firsts times! ;)