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09-05-2015, 16:17
Hi i have a really annoying bug to report on the xbox one version.

The steering will full lock left for no apparent reason, whether im turning a corner or on a straight road the go kart will suddenly jolt to the left and the steering will be on full lock for roughly 5 secs. I have seen threads saying revert steering something to 0 but surly that's just pc?

Also while i am here can i ask that in the next update you can add a colour Blindness option as some of the menus are very hard to read.

Siberian Tiger
09-05-2015, 16:18
It's a know Issue with the Controller please start here to read:

09-05-2015, 16:26
ok thank you, should i create a new thread referring to the colour blindness issue?

Siberian Tiger
09-05-2015, 16:29
Nope, i will try to relay it to the devs...
Not sure what can be done about this. -> Since it would be a Major Overhaul of the Menu...

09-05-2015, 16:33
The general menus are fine its just the use of red (lol i think its red).

09-05-2015, 21:32
LOCK to LOCK bug fix... Set steering to the dpad. Yes it becomes a bit more tappy but is much easier to control than the stick until we get an input patch.