View Full Version : Guide for GT6 or Forza Game Pad whom lazy to fine tune contorls

09-05-2015, 17:01
I sure you are facing...

Steer too Sensitivity
Spin off on Throttle
Brake locking every time

Reason are simple, Game pad Analog stick Handing ANGLE are TOO SHALLOW.
I understand people never use gentle, only Full input or No Input, that's the problem. (a lot of Asian a Lazy like hell on it fine tuning things.)

Base on it, I suggest follow setting and hope SMS patch later for default.

Speed Sensitivity arround 70%, to reduce steer angle in High Speed
Low down Throttle Sensitivity to Zero, you can't handle well your fingers, let's the game pad more step the gas more slower.
Brake Sensitivity need arround 25%, same reason about Throttle issues.

All dead zone are 0% please, SHALLOW angle with 2mm deadzone is joke.

I test only Mode 3, this quite like GT6

09-05-2015, 17:42
The ingame steering parameters and the controller stick parameters are not tied, full lock ingame results in very little movement of the controller stick even set at zero, no amount of messing with the settings will change that.

The xbox controller input side of the game needs patching, everything is way to sensitive, smooth control at the moment is simply not possible as it stands at the moment, yes there are get arounds but nothing other that a patch will really sort out these issues, players all over the Internet are all complaining about the same thing, just give the developers chance to sort it out.

09-05-2015, 17:50
The basic problem for Game pad user is hard to deal to High House power car.

Based on game design, this require High Focus on Throttle control. However, the controlling Habit and Game pad design are hard to deal with gentle accelerating.

For me I suggest SMS build a Low gear (1-3) Throttle filtering for Game pad.