View Full Version : a serious fix and request for developing team

09-05-2015, 17:50
First of all thx for this amazing game

Team Project Cars know that anisotropic filtering on ps4 is set very low

Everyone knows that team project cars sacrificed Af to achieve 1080p 60FPS on ps4.

And as you know that don't work very well.
a image is very blurr

See examples below


Give us one option to change AF

AF - x16 screen resolution 900p 60FPS

AF - x 4? screen resolution 1080p 60FPS [original]

This is one simple idea, if you guys don't like, please fix this the way you want.

Please we deserve improvement, 5 years of hardworking
on this beautiful game, and a long wait for us don't deserve this end.

Don't let us wait to mutch time, give us some news about your work on this

Thx for your time reading this

Sorry for some errors English is not my first language

10-05-2015, 01:50
Developers team just ask sony the right way to improve AF , just like the others companys did, and they solved this problem very fast. Jus see on the link Bellow .

Sony exemplify how improve AF for Developers