View Full Version : Ok, Just brought this game and I thought i was going mad.

09-05-2015, 18:40
Yes I have all the gamepad issues. To start fiddling with the controller settings out the box to semi fix a broken gamepad control implantation. Well sack the QA team. Comes from someone that has worked on QA filling out endless reports.

Also something is REALLY fishy with the gamepad steering compensation. It cannot decide when going around corners if it should compensate for oversteer due to the gamepad stick travel. It makes setting a car up which has oversteer near impossible as half the time you have understeer due to the dodgy code thats trying to compensate.

And in turn its really twitchy on the straits. Ultimately it makes the car feel like it's either like driving a boat in a corner or the steering wheel isn't attached to the front wheels!

When I did QA on the xbox one at launch i know system updates were coming every few times a week! from MS but i imagine it's calmed down a bit now. This is just bad game code.

And yes i have the strange full lock when changing direction glitch. Making the karting which i first played impossible to play unless you crawl around.

I have noticed other bizarre 'glitches'

The audio for the ambient sounds just go during a race?!! Or in a race it sounds like they are slowing down globally for all the sounds. Like the sample rate is dropping or not in sync with the video. This has happened quite a few times. Playing it over optical audio 5.1 if that makes any difference.

Not frame rate drops (well i get those too but it's not as bad as people are making out) but when playing multiplayer i get the odd just freeze for a millisecond whilst driving. I would make it so the cars jump around like forza when you have lag issues.

The shader effect for the smoke and lighting does some comical things with the crowd on some tracks. I was getting GIANT silhouettes of the crowd in the smoke. It looked really bizarre :)

On the menu. The top bar where it say project cars.. from memory. Flicks every so often. Not a major glitch but still pretty poor and lazy QA.

I know this game was delayed. And I understand the pressures of deadlines. Be it off namco or internal and marketing and distribution and... etc.

But this game really is quite broken on the XBOX One. I have also brought it on steam for my PC. Hopefully it will play better on a logitech wheel with it!

Umer Ahmad
09-05-2015, 18:57
Hi and welcome to the project cars,

Sorry about the Day1 frustrations. SMS is very aware and working on the XB1 controller, sound and performance issues as a Top Priority.

read here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22817-Please-read-Xbox-One-Issues)

Hope you stick with it, the team is very good and can have these solved quickly (days).