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09-05-2015, 21:20
Hi guys,

I have a thread in general in this forum but I will post here too.
No matter what guides and tips I look at or setting I try will make my steering good.
The steering is twitchy/jerky no matter what setting I try, and I have spent hours and hours
tweaking and testing.

I was so glad when my pre ordered game came but now I cant enjoy it becuase the steering issue
is for me making the game mostly unplayable, I do enjoy the sounds and gfx but I cant in any way
compete or drive in this games current state.


09-05-2015, 21:23
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Note there is thread with a lot of helpful tips here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21864-Dualshock-4-Controller-Settings-Problems-amp-Solutions)

Kudos for the create title though :cool:

09-05-2015, 22:00
As said in OP I have scoured the forums and internet for a solution that might help, it is not to be found.
And believe me I have tried each and everyone suggestion.
Not all of course, if you put in all the variables and test them for 5 mins I would be going on til the end of the sun.

If it is just me then I will happily say its just me being dumb.