View Full Version : Best wheel to use? Any recommendations?

09-05-2015, 21:48
Love the game as its the closest thing to a sim i have seen, so looking at getting a wheel to complete the feel.
Don't want to be spending hundreds of pounds, so whats the best value wheel on the market currently in your opinion?

09-05-2015, 22:08
I really think it'd be worth saving for a T300RS. Solid build quality and it's designed to be PS4 compatible. Buying a cheap wheel is the biggest mistake you can make.

Edit: Also have you been able to access career yet? Could post a screenshot or phone shot of what you see in the 'Career Locked?' Thread?

09-05-2015, 22:19
Great, thanks for the input regarding the wheel!

Career mode has mysteriously unlocked!! not sure whats triggered it, but its worked! HURRAH!

10-05-2015, 13:36
T300 but GTE looks better and button layout better