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09-05-2015, 21:55
Hello all,

I've set up multiple pit strategies one for dry tires and one for wet tires, but it only allows me to set one pit strategy as active. Am I to assume this is something to be dealt with in a future patch or am I missing something?

The problem with not being able to set multiple active strategies is that if your strategy has changed when pitting, IE: your strategy called for wet tires but now the track has dried and you have to switch to drys, you have to edit your only active strategy which permanently changes it to whatever you changed it to for future races. It'd be nice if changes you made in-race were only for that one instance, but it'd be even nicer if I could set all my strategies to be active...

Using steam version of pcars


09-05-2015, 22:34
"Active" isn't probably the best word for it. You set your first choice as "Active". The others you can switch too during the pit stop.

09-05-2015, 22:58
Agree.. we need some pre determined choices ..

I was briefly messing with it last night so haven't gone under the hood with it ,so far it seems you can choose the one you set or use the edit ..?

so if that's the case ,if you do need to edit , it will come down to who's the fastest at re typing, tic'ing box's , setting/adjusting the pit strategies lol ..

last thing I want to do when pitting , is have to use the keyboard to make a bunch of changes on the menu while im'e loosing time ,hoping the gap I had will be enough to keep my position ,..... you know race stuff ,.....:p

It would be nice to have it on the fly via rf & rf2 where you map the buttons to use the mfd menu then its a few button presses while you try and not hit the wall lol.. BUT it works and your pit can be set how ever you want it on Pit In so you can concentrate on the race..

but then again in Pcars its all auto pit anyway ;-( so ... :culpability:

Is there any way to turn off the AUTO PITTING in pcars ?

So having multiple saved pit strategies to choose from would be a nice improvement! +1
also on the same note -Having multiple SET UP'S would be great ..we need to be able to NAME and save our set up's ...

is it to late for this kind of stuff .. :confused:

Thanks !

09-05-2015, 23:08
@Elmo ,ahhh so we do have the ability to have more than one to choose from ??

active=the one you selected from pits before race ..

now when I request pit the menu pops up will I see multiples to choose from if I build them?

09-05-2015, 23:15
now when I request pit the menu pops up will I see multiples to choose from if I build them?

Yes, this is how it should be.

10-05-2015, 16:27
Thanks Elmo, To clarify to everyone else how this actually works - as Elmo says the only one you see when pitting is the active one. You scroll down to "view saved" and from there you can set the one you want to use as "active" exit the menu and then the one you changed to active will be the one available. It's not very intuitive.. and really Race 07 I think handled this better by making all active setups available from the pitting menu so you could quickly select the one you want without having to pause the action and grab the keyboard. Thanks again

10-05-2015, 16:30
Thanks for the feedback. Wasn't sure from top of my head anymore. We are also looking into improving the pitting experience.