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09-05-2015, 22:02
I know there is a list of "known issues" posted on this forum for the XBOX ONE, but I just wanted to list some I have come across in the space of the last 24 hours ...

Controller issues. Yes, yes everyone is talking about this, but there is no fix for the lock-to-lock bug. Setting the "Steering Deadlock" to 0 does not fix this, although I have noticed that the lock-to-lock happens more often than not on the Karts rather than other vehicles ... controller sensitivity in relation to steering direction change at low speeds is also a big issue, not on the karts, but other vehicles. It's nothing to do with cold tires, when they warm up (turn from blue to green) this reduces the problem very slightly, but not much! There is a clear controller lag as well, that can be noticed in the cockpit or helmet camera views when the on screen steering wheel is visible - It's not much, perhaps a millisecond or two, but it does make a huge difference when you want to go around corners or take avoiding action!

Manual gears; when turned on I have had the issue several times that when changing down from a high gear (seems to be 5th or 6th gear) the gear goes straight to 1st and this has the effect of locking the wheels or causing me to crash on circuit, depending where it happens.

... Sound issues; There is a distinct juddering or "driving through a tin can" effect occurring when a lot seems to be going on on-screen. This appears to be related to the screen tearing or background loading of scenery, trees especially so. When they "pop" on to the screen, the audio stuttering seems to stop but this may be a coincidence of something I personally am noticing.

Weather; When setting the weather to random or setting up a session to start dry but then change to wet conditions, all cars (at least open wheel cars) seem to start the race on wet tyres when by default, they probably shouldn't.

I know there are more issues, but they've escaped my mind at the moment, but I will add them at a later date. I will say though, that I purchased the disc version here in the UK, installed it fully with the patch before loading/playing the game and I updated both my XBOX ONE and Controller firmware before even putting the Project Cars disc in the machine ...

UPDATE: 9/05/2015
Another issue I forgot to add relates to the results of races. Twice today I was leading a Kart race and got overtaken and finished second and third respectively, problem is, Project cars still thought I had won when I had not! I am pretty sure (although I can't 100% confirm this) that some of my finishing positions have been recorded incorrectly as well .. again this seems to be related either to the Karts, or the Karting specific tracks ...

UPDATE: 10/05/2015
Add to the above the screen freezing (sounds/engine noises still working) for 5 seconds or so, then the Xbox One hard resetting (completely rebooting itself) while I was on a qualifying lap in a Pagini Huaya around the Monza GP circuit ...

09-05-2015, 22:24
It's like Grid Autosport all over again. Unfinished sloppy programming and 50 lighter. Welcome to Gaming in 2015.

09-05-2015, 22:55
The controller issue is very deep, on some cars the steering is so sensitive at low speeds is ridiculous on others it's so slow the car doesn't hardly turn is as if you need to re adjust all the controller settings depending on what car your driving and that's just the steering, all inputs feel wrong, brakes throttle ect on some there mega sensitive on other hardly any response at all, and then you've got where the car turns left or right on a straight for no reason, like I say this controller issue is quite messed up, I've put the game on hold now praying for a fix as I can not enjoy it like this, shame as it holds such great potential but I do have faith in the development team they haven't produced a game of this standard just to let it go to the wall.

10-05-2015, 08:43
Grid Autosport only took six months to fix it to a point where it was actually playable.
By that time, everyone lost interest and traded in.
Please please do not let this happen to PCars.
I really do not fancy the coin grinding monotony of driving road cars that will no doubt be Forza 6....

10-05-2015, 08:44
The gear changing one is caused by requesting too many downshift's in a short space of time.

10-05-2015, 10:17
The gear changing one is caused by requesting too many downshift's in a short space of time.

Not true ... I've found this happening if I'm in 5th gear and only press the down shift button once - it went straight to 1st and caused me to crash. It has nothing to do with any car/mechanical damage either as some have suggested ...

10-05-2015, 10:43
I also have the issue with the gearshifting. It seems as if the gearbox just go down to 1st gear directly from 5th or 6th sometimes. I have no other issues with downshifting.

I use a Fanatec GT3 RS wheel of the first generation. Using paddle-shifters.

At first I thought it was an issue with the mapping of buttons. I thought I had 1st gear in a button I accidently touched in some way. So I change 1st gear button to something completely different without any change. It still happens sometimes.

I read on Steam community that there was others having this issue aswell.