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09-05-2015, 22:51
So 24 hours in, here's my thoughts....

The good

The racing, it's great, brilliant to race against equal cars, with decent AI which doesn't break in the middle of corners...highly configurable so you can race exactly how you want...top job.

The weather...looks good and love the way in changes throughout the race...sunny, then foggy, back to sunny, fab. Night racing is cool to.

Great track selection.

The bad

Graphical clitches and slow frame speed here and there, a bit annoying but I can live with it.

The ugly

The Ffb on my tx wheel. I've read all the threads on here, watched the vids and played around with the settings...I can get plenty of force but no proper "feedback". Basically it's just tweaking the resistance, nothing I try allows me to properly feel the rumble strips, or increases the force as you go though a corner, or makes it go lighter when you are on the edge of grip. Basically there is no proper feel...and driving games are all about feel. For all the settings the Ffb on this game is not a patch on forza. I appreciate this could be down to the way I have it set up, so if anyone has cracked this (particularly the vibration on the curbs) I'd love to hear how.

This is a good game, but sort the frame rate drop out and the Ffb and it would be a truly great one...here's hoping.

09-05-2015, 23:56
The game should never have been released on Xbox in the state it's in.Very unhappy paying customer!!

10-05-2015, 00:03
The game should never have been released on Xbox in the state it's in.Very unhappy paying customer!!

There have been far worse releases, before you get too angry/upset just take some time to consider what you have here; a sim like no other with only a couple of bugs, they aren't all too bad and if you read the xbox issues post you will see that Ian Bell has posted that the input bug has been fixed internally and they are looking to ship the patch out soon, in the mean time there are a few work arounds.

Honestly though, there hasn't been a game with this amount of depth in ages and truth be told it is more complicated than the average user would like but why not look at it as a challenge? master the game while it has a few bugs to iron out and when everything gets patched and polished you will reap the benefits, just in my opinion it seems rash to give up on a game that has been out for less than 48 hours!!

Need i remind anyone of grand theft auto multiplayer?? well if you played that then these bugs aren't all that bad...

10-05-2015, 00:05
50 for a beta game!!! Come on

10-05-2015, 00:09
Like i said, try to be patient. Instead of launching flame threads try and be more helpful, log your complaints, and go into detail about what bugs/errors you have found. These guys are doing their best to try and get everything right. Besides you are obviously on the xbox one? now i am an xbox fan boy but it has been the most buggy/error prone console ever released. and that was a tad more than 50 quid, yet you have stuck with that.

If all else fails, go and get a refund and try again at a later date when the game has ironed out a bit