View Full Version : turning pivot

09-05-2015, 23:51
Ive noticed with some cars the point from which the vehicle turns doesnt feel right, as in turn front wheels but car feels like its pivoting from behind driver, rather than turning from front, (xb1 with controller)

Patrick Kulinski
10-05-2015, 00:01
There's two main contributors to such feeling:
- mass distribution
- "center of grip distribution" (I'm lacking a better term here)

As soon as both move forward the back feels like it begins to rotate in the middle of the corner. If you want to see whether all is fine with the physics take the worst "rotation" offender you can think of and go to the free practice mode so that nobody is able to disturb and drive around slowly. All should look fine. And then pick up speed in the subsequent laps... you'll notice that the car's character begins to change when being faster.

May I ask to which cars this does apply to the most?

10-05-2015, 00:37
Worst occurences ive noticed; formula A,B (havent driven C,Gulf,Rookie yet) g55 gt3, and Mercedes C Coupe DTM.

Ive found this occurs no matter what speed but its worse in slower corners, if i change camera to outside rear of car (chase cam) the turning appears to be back to front