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Global Sim Racing
10-05-2015, 01:30
Are you looking for a true sim racing experience on the Xbox One? Tired of the same old chase cam/brake line leagues? Look no further than Global Sim Racing!

At GSR you will find every kind of racing you can think of; from Karts and Formula Fords all the way to Formula 1, IndyCar and Protoypes!

GSR is home to some of the fastest, most experienced drivers you will find on Project CARS (and Forza Motorsport 6), as well as many members who are brand new to sim racing.

Given that GSR is a sim racing league, we run with cockpit view, no braking line and all assists turned off.

So if you think GSR is what you've been looking for all this time, check out our website today!

Founded in February 2013, Global Sim Racing is the premier sim racing community on Xbox One.




10-05-2015, 05:44
NOW is the time to check these guys out and join in the fun. Project Cars will truly allow the ultimate in realism on the console. Run by a dedicated group of very mature and level-headed folks, you can count on two things at GSR: 1. Great Series' and 2. Great drivers, who are fast and clean.

10-05-2015, 07:18
GSR is a great and fun racing league. It might take some time to get use to running without assists but when you get use to it you will never go back. Extremely competitive racing, you will always be running around someone! June 27th is the start of our 2nd GSREC (Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship), enter with a group of friends or go solo! Join now!

10-05-2015, 18:40
GSR is a great racing league. The Admins are very professional and the quality of racers is 2nd to none. Going to be a lot of exciting things coming up for Project Cars so come over to globalsimracing.org and check it out.

Tucker F1
11-05-2015, 15:27
It's always been quite difficult to find a racing community that tries to promote a true racing sim environment, as well as a community that isn't full of elitist members that scare away new drivers.

With GSR, I've been lucky to have found both. I don't get to race as often as I'd like due to real life commitments, but when I do, GSR never fails to deliver a good time. What impressed me the most, and still does, is the always "happy to help" attitude amongst the drivers. Not very good at tuning? No worries as there's always someone willing to help and share a tune or give good advice. Looking to shave off a few tenths on your lap time? Don't be afraid to ask about a racing line or what gear may be optimal for a certain corner; not once have I ever seen a GSR driver withold that sort of information.

It's simply a great group of guys who share the same passion for racing, and want to provide and clean, fun environment for all of us to share our passion for motorsport.

Global Sim Racing
15-05-2015, 06:23
We are very excited to announce our first 4 series on Project CARS. The action begins June 6th!

Ginetta G40 Junior Cup (Level 1)

June 6 - Brands Hatch (Indy) x 2
July 4 - Donington Park (National) x2
July 25 - Oulton Park (Island) x2
August 22 - Snetterton (300) x2

*All races will start at 3:00pm eastern / 8:00pm gmt

* All races will start at 8:00pm IGT (In Game Time)

GT4 North American Championship (Level 2)

June 13 - Watkins Glen x2
July 11 - Road America x2
August 1 - Willow Springs x2
August 29 - Sonoma x2

*All races will start at 3:00pm eastern / 8:00pm gmt

*Start IGT will vary

Formula One World Championship (Level 3)

June 20 - Spanish Grand Prix (Catalunya)
July 18 - British Grand Prix (Silverstone)
August 8 - Monaco Grand Prix (Monaco)
September 5 - Italian Grand Prix (Monza)
September 26 -Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka)
October 17 - United States Grand Prix (Watkins Glen)
November 14 - Belgian Grand Prix (Spa)
December 5 - German Grand Prix (Location TBA: Voted on by drivers)

*All races will start at 3:00pm eastern / 8:00pm gmt

*Starts IGT will vary

2015 GSR Endurance Championship (Open Rank)

P1 (Level 3)
P2 (Level 2)
GT (Level 1)

June 27 - 12 Hours of Le Mans
August 15 - 6 Hours of Spa
October 24 - 6 Hours of Silverstone
December 7 - 12 Hours of TBA

* Start times will vary

* Start IGT will vary

Stay tuned for series pages and sign up!

Thank you,

GSR Admins


Global Sim Racing
30-05-2015, 00:26
Sign up is now OPEN for the Ginetta Junior Championship! As this is a level 1 series, anyone who has completed their rookie test is eligible to enter.


30-05-2015, 20:58
Awesome group of guys to race with. Clean, competitive and fun. Everyone is more than willing to help each other out with set ups and other pointers. Highly recommend joining and getting in on the racing.

30-05-2015, 22:17
Moving this to XB1 - Multiplayer Event Planning as you might get more interest there.


Spin HD
30-05-2015, 22:52
Signing up!!!

31-05-2015, 23:29
These guys are a great group. Every race has pretty good competition but the competition is very clean. Give these guys a look if you want to do some real racing

01-06-2015, 14:57
I would just like to say hello and ask a few questions. I've checked the GSR forums but can't quite find specifics. Would this be a good league as a first time league racer? Been playing sims for a long time and have always wanted to get into league racing. GSR seems to be pretty awesome, and wondering if this would be a good fit for a league newb? Thanks in advance for the help :-)

Global Sim Racing
01-06-2015, 18:08
Absolutely! We have drivers of all skill levels and a great community of racers who are more than willing to help out new guys, be it with painting (on FM), tuning advice or racecraft. We would love to be your first! :glee:

03-06-2015, 16:18
if you want to race clean with good guys on various tracks with various classes then gsr is where you need to be.

03-06-2015, 20:11
Sounds good I will join

Spin HD
04-06-2015, 02:42
Just did a race with the GSR guys last night and loved it! Good clean racing, and everything was super organized. I definitely recommend them!

04-06-2015, 15:09
Could not agree more. I was in that race with Spin, and it was a great, professional, welcoming time. Being the first league I've ever been a part of, I highly suggest giving GSR a look. You won't be disappointed!

Global Sim Racing
06-06-2015, 21:37
All PC events are postponed until the SMS servers are up to par. Hopefully this will happen with the release of patch 1.4. Until then, all Sunday FM5 events will run as scheduled.

11-06-2015, 05:09
Now is the perfect time to join these guys with the Ginetta Junior series coming up. Great group of people, very friendly, and easy to get started. I highly suggest joining, you won't regret it! :)

11-06-2015, 12:55
Joined the lads in GSR a few months ago as a first time league racer and it was a great experience , sorry i didnt give it a go years ago.The guys are very helpful ,CLEAN racers and very friendly so if your looking for a great night racing give these guys a look you wont regret it.

Global Sim Racing
24-06-2015, 20:34
We are pleased to announce that we ran a lobby test post patch 1.4 and the lobby held strong despite some lag (which we know will be improved in the upcoming 2.0 patch).

We are all systems go on Project CARS! Our first championships are:

Ginetta Junior Championship

North American GT4 Cup

Formula One World Championship

Endurance Championship


Global Sim Racing
10-09-2015, 00:10
Since patch 3.0 was released it's all systems go for us! Join us today!


Global Sim Racing
03-10-2015, 08:26
Sign up is now OPEN for the Formula Gulf Championship! This series will run on Project CARS beginning October 3rd. To enter this series you must have your level 1 licence or higher. (Level 1 licence = completed your rookie test)

Hope to see some new faces in these great little entry level single seaters!


Global Sim Racing
21-10-2015, 01:39
Rounds 3 and 4 of the Formula Gulf Championship are this Saturday at Sonoma Raceway! Join today to take your rookie test and get on the track with us for Saturday!

Global Sim Racing
06-01-2016, 21:16
Our 2016 schedule has been released! Join us today!

Level 1
Formula Ford (FM6): The first step on the open wheel ladder, Formula Ford will consist of an even mix of oval and road course events in order to prepare old and new members for GSR’s diverse championships.

10-Jan-16 Hockenheimring Short (x2) - 17 laps (x2) - 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
31-Jan-16 Daytona Oval (Day)(x2) – 21 laps (x2) – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
21-Feb-16 Silverstone National (x2) – 20 laps (x2) – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
13-March-16 Top Gear West Reverse (x2) – 37 laps (x2) – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
3-April-16 Circuit of the Americas West (x2) – 12 laps (x2) – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
24-April-16 Indianapolis Brickyard (x2) – 18 laps (x2) – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT

TBA (FM6): A Wednesday night series is also in the works for Forza Motorsport 6. Stay tuned for details!

Level 2:
IROC (FM6): Oval racing returns to GSR with The International Race of Champions! IROC is run using a specially modified 2002 Pontiac Trans-Am, with everyone using a spec tune. Each driver is also required to use a variant of a spec paint scheme put together by Nightmare x24x, so pick your color soon!

17-Jan-16 Daytona Oval (Day) – 48 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
7-Feb-16 Watkins Glen Short -30 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
28-Feb-16 Indianapolis Brickyard – 42 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
20-Mar-16 Daytona Sports Car Circuit (Night)– 21 laps -12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
10-Apr-16 Road America – 18 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
1-May-16 Daytona Oval (Night) – 48 Laps -12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT

Level 3:

1990 Indy Car World Series (FM6): GSR will return to the glory days of North American Open Wheel Racing with our replication of the 1990 CART season. Each driver will run the Chevrolet Lola T90/00 in the ultimate test of man and machine. This season of also include our Indianapolis 125-mile race, which will be open to the 24 fastest drivers, regardless of GSR Driver Ranking.

24-Jan-16 Sebring Full – 27 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
14-Feb-16 Long Beach – 45 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
6-Mar-16 Daytona Oval – 45 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
27-Mar-16 Lime Rock – 50 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
17-Apr-16 Road America – 25 laps -12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
8-May-16 Indianapolis Brickyard - 50 laps -12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
29-May-16 Watkins Glen – 33 laps -12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT – Time/Date will likely change
19-Jun-16 Daytona Oval (Night) - 50 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT
10-Jul-16 Laguna Seca – 42 laps – 12:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT

GSR Endurance Championship: GSREC is back after a long absence for it’s second season! This series will be held on both Forza Motorsport 6 and Project Cars, allowing for a true crown jewel of endurance racing. Start times are to be determined.

20-Feb-16 Daytona Sports Car Circuit – 12 Hours – FM6
16-Apr-16 Sebring Full – 6 Hours – FM6
11-Jun-16 Le Mans – 12 Hours – PC
20-Aug-16 Spa-Francorchamps – 6 Hours – PC
8-Oct-16 Nurburgring GP – 6 Hours – PC
17-Dec-16 Road Atlanta – 6 Hours – FM6

Global Sim Racing
07-01-2016, 04:06
Renault Clio Cup (PC): A staple of British motorsport, the Renault Clio Cup is a launch pad to higher forms of Touring Car groups.

9-Jan-16 Oulton Park Fosters (x2) – 17 laps (x2) – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
30-Jan-16 Brands Hatch Indy (x2) – 21 laps (x2) – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
27-Feb-16 Silverstone National (x2) – 18 laps (x2) – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
19-Mar-16 Donington Park National (x2) – 14 laps (x2) – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
9-Apr-16 Snetterton 200 (x2) – 13 laps (x2) 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT

Global Sim Racing
07-01-2016, 04:06
Ariel Atom Weeknight Cup (PC): By popular demand, GSR will introduce our first weeknight series! Taking place every other Wednesday night, drivers will race the Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged through a variety of tracks around the world.

13-Jan-16 Ruapuna Park Outer Loop (x2) – 20 laps (x2) – 9:00 PM EST/2:00 AM GMT
27-Jan-16 Silverstone Stowe (x2) – 20 laps (x2) – 9:00 PM EST/2:00 AM GMT
10-Feb-16 Oschersleben National (x2) – 17 laps (x2) – 9:00 PM EST/2:00 AM GMT
24-Feb-16 Willow Springs (x2) – 14 laps (x2) – 9:00 PM EST/2:00 AM GMT
9-Mar-16 Laguna Seca (x2) – 12 laps (x2) – 9:00 PM EST/2:00 AM GMT

Global Sim Racing
07-01-2016, 04:06
GT3 Championship (PC): A combination of 1 and 2 hour races taking place around the world. Each driver can choose one of the many GT3 cars available in Project Cars.

16-Jan-16 Brands Hatch GP – 1 Hour – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
6-Feb-16 Spa-Franchorchamps – 2 Hours – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
5-Mar-16 Watkins Glen Full – 1 Hour – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
26-Mar-16 Bathurst – 2 Hours – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
23-Apr-16 Donington Park GP – 1 Hour – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
14-May-16 Nurburgring Nordschleife – 2 Hours – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT
4-Jun-16 Sonoma GP – 1 Hour – 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT

Global Sim Racing
04-03-2016, 19:54
Episode 1 of Pole Position: The Official Podcast of GSR.


Global Sim Racing
18-03-2016, 21:42
Episode 2 of Pole Position: The Official Podcast of GSR.


Global Sim Racing
28-04-2016, 22:18
Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship (GSREC) 6 Hours of Sebring recap.


Global Sim Racing
29-04-2016, 14:47
125cc Karting Championship Calendar (All races at 3:00pm eastern / 8:00pm gmt)

Series page and sign up coming soon.

May 7th - (Rounds 1/2) - Dubai

May 28th - (Rounds 3/4) - Oschersleben C

June 25th - (Rounds 5/6) - Chesterfield

July 16th - (Rounds 7/8) - Glencairn

August 6th - (Rounds 9/10) - Summerton

September 3rd - (Rounds 11/12) - Greenwood


Global Sim Racing
05-06-2016, 02:38
The countdown is officially on for our annual 12 Hours of Le Mans! Round 3 of the GSR Endurance Championship will take place this Saturday (June 11th). Check out www.globalsimracing.org for full details and to sign up!

05-06-2016, 17:11
had a look at your site and it seems to be a forza site, the driver license test is on a forza track and the register form asks for your fave forza tracks.

how do i join as a pcars player?

Global Sim Racing
05-06-2016, 21:43
We run Saturday's on PC and Sunday's on FM. Go ahead and get your profile set up and we will get you taken care of! :)

08-06-2016, 16:34
Took a look at your website and have decided to join, but I don't play Forza as I have PCars. Just wondering how I go about joining a league that uses PCars and what I need to do from there.

Global Sim Racing
10-06-2016, 07:33
Episode 6 of Pole Position: The Official Podcast of Global Sim Racing


Global Sim Racing
22-06-2016, 08:01
Maverick & Samson are back on the air tonight at 11:00pm eastern with episode 7 of REZDtv Pole Position. Tune in and be part of the show in the chat!


Global Sim Racing
27-06-2016, 15:49
Weekend Wrap-Up (PC 125cc Karting Championship & FM Mazda MX-5 Cup)


12-07-2016, 14:38
Hi, I have tried to post on your page but for some reason it won't work on my phone. I have received a message to do the rookie test and was wondering if there is a particular time you have planned? I will post on GSR tonight when I get in

Global Sim Racing
16-07-2016, 07:50
Gotcha! :)

Global Sim Racing
20-12-2016, 11:14
There has never been a better time to join GSR! To kick off 2017 we are offering a British Formula Ford Championship, 1972 Formula One World Championship and the 3rd season of our Global Endurance Championship!

Head to www.globalsimracing.org to set up your profile and get on track with us!

06-01-2017, 02:02
GSR is a great racing league. The Admins are very professional and the quality of racers is 2nd to none. Going to be a lot of exciting things coming up for Project Cars so come over to globalsimracing.org and check it out.

Global Sim Racing
07-01-2017, 03:39
Thanks! Our members make it what it is!

Global Sim Racing
08-01-2017, 08:58
Round 1 (Spanish Grand Prix) of our 1972 Formula One World Championship took place on Saturday. Here is the link to the race report.


11-01-2017, 16:58
This is a brilliant group, very professionally run, the website is great with write ups and even monthly podcasts to give a look back and forward as to what is coming up. If you've got an Xbox one and after some good racing I strongly recommend having a look at the GSR website

Global Sim Racing
13-01-2017, 06:53
Thank you! Much appreciated!

Global Sim Racing
23-01-2017, 10:27
Race Reports from 1972 Formula One Spanish Grand Prix & Monaco Grand Prix




Global Sim Racing
26-01-2017, 07:39
GSR Endurance Championship Silly Season Heats Up as 12 Hours of Daytona Nears


31-01-2017, 08:43
Joining GSR definitely brings Xbox racing to a totally new level of excitement!
The level of the racers is high, admins are really helpful and most of all there is lots of enthousiasm!!
Definitely recommended!

02-02-2017, 08:29
Hi guys just like to say I joined GSR recently and its great group of racers and very well set up events.
Best racing on Xbox one to date that's for sure. See ya at the next race

Global Sim Racing
18-04-2017, 22:47
Thanks, Coli!

Global Sim Racing
18-04-2017, 22:48
Coming up next we have an LMP3 Championship & DTM. Check us out!